Range Rover Sport (2017) Inferno Downhill Challenge

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The Inferno Challenge is the oldest surviving downhill ski race in the world, the latest in Range Rover Sport #DrivenChallenges With years of Land Rover engineering expertise built in and having been put through its paces in a seriously tough testing programme, it quickly proved it really is built for anything.
Undeterred and ready for the challenge, Ben got into the Range Rover Sport – modified only with the addition of a roll cage, seat harness and reinforced tires – and set off for the summit, ready to take on the Inferno Challenge and prove why it was the best 4x4 SUV for the job.
Blending sport and utility like almost no other SUV, the Land Rover Range Rover Sport is impressive in any configuration. The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is offered in a quintet of models: SE, HSE, Supercharged, Autobiography, and SVR.
About Range Rover Sport TV Commercial, 'Driven Challenges: Inferno Downhill' [T2] Land Rover puts its Range Rover Sport up against the formidable Inferno Downhill Ski Course, which begins high in the mountains at an altitude of 9, feet.
Range Rover Sport () Inferno Downhill Challenge. also check other suv videos and comparisons.
11/7/ · It's all downhill for Land Rover – in this video, at least. As a promotional stunt, Land Rover hired a man formerly known as The Stig to do a special run: drive the Range Rover Sport down a Author: Antti Kautonen.
10/31/ · Range Rover Sport - Test Drive - posted in Conti Talk: Range Rover Sport Masters Downhill Alpine Ski Challenge Speeds of 96mph, 75 per cent gradients and a 2, metre descent, the Range Rover Sport has conquered it all on an Alpine ski course that has been the downfall of many skiers. Ultimate all-terrain performance SUV tackles the legendary Inferno downhill ski course in .
4/1/ · Range Rover Sport - Inferno Downhill Challenge - Schilthorn, Switzerland (Including VIDEO) When picturing the Swiss Alps, the word “inferno” isn’t something that usually sp
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