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 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue QueueAuthor: Drive-Test of Proffi.
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 · GTS in PS VR - PS4 Pro vs. PS4. Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Lord Protector, Nov 7, Well I haven't played much VR on my PS4 Pro because it gave me a bit of a headache and made me spaced out after a long session on But I set it all up again today and have to say I am very impressed with the free PSVR races in GT Sport.
Некоторые эффекты при переходе в 4K на PS4 Pro остались нетронутыми. Эффект присутствия в VR-режиме GT Sport превосходный. но это уже специфика виртуальной реальности нынешнего поколения.
So is Drive Club VR better than GTS VR? If you're a petrol head you'll find a lot to love in GT Sport's VR offering. It's the best looking VR racer on PS4 and the only one to feature real tracks.
Gt sports i dont have, just waiting till they bring a patch where the vr part is expanded with at least a timetrial and not have to play the 2d mode to unlock things to play in vr. And they should bring a difficulty setting for that opponent which drives like a granny atm. Though i hardly can’t wait to drive at interlagos in vr ;).
 · It’s hard to deny: immediately jumping from ‘peak’ Gran Turismo Sport in 4k to the PlayStation VR version did highlight the visual sacrifices required for virtual reality. It was immediately apparent. It got me wondering where the line was. Gran Turismo Sport. To VR or not VR – I thought that decision would be an easy one.
 · Around about a year ago, we hopped inside Gran Turismo Sport’s cockpit with a PlayStation VR headset on and walked away somewhat unimpressed. We felt that the game looked fine in virtual reality – bett
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